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CNC Cut Center – Hundegger K2i 1250 + robot

This mechanism corporates the productive efficiency of the cut area K2i and the flexibility of the robot aggregate, which is characterized by 5 open corners and an automatic transmission with 16 tools.In this way, we can machine wooden elements with diagonal section of min. 40 x 60mm and max. 300 x 1250mm and achieve all the processing required for the realization of wooden structures: diagonal and longitudinal cuts, wooden joints, wood mortise and traditional or dovetail tenon, processing for insertion of standard or customized steel works, even inclined drillings for screws and bolts with diameters of 10 until 30mm, drillings for nut and washer casings, shaping of customized beams warheads, different milling on beams warhead, processing the production of stairs and openings on x-lam panels.

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